About Broadcast Virtual

Broadcast virtual is a technology company that provides the expertise to turn live sports events into advertising platforms without the need for physical signage. Our solution allows real­time insertion of virtual advertisement in any type of sporting event using tracking technology to keep the advertising tied to its field position, regardless of camera motion. The ability to multi brand content means that the virtual logos can be re branded for different regions.

Broadcast Virtual is proud to have added virtual advertising on-air at over six hundred National Rugby League games both in Australia and New Zealand, Super Rugby Games in Australia and New Zealand, AFL, Horse Racing and Harness Racing.

Our existing solution breaks down into a two key technologies, tracking head based and feature tracking. Both of the technologies can be used to add logos, movies and 3D content anywhere in the camera image.

Tracking head:

This involves putting an encoded tracking head on the camera and using the data from it and the lens to workout what the camera is doing so we can add virtual content. Due to the tracking heads this system has to be used onsite at the event.

We are using this to deliver the NRL and it has been used on Rugby Union, Horse Racing, Harness Racing, Cricket, Soccer and AFL.

Feature tracking:

The system takes the incoming camera image and uses this to identify features and tracks these to workout what the camera is doing. The key element of this technology is that it can be used to add content onsite or downstream away from the actual sporting event.


Both feature tracking and the head based solution can generate multiple streams with different advertising content on each stream. The head based solution is currently limited to two streams but the feature tracked system can do as many streams as required.

LED Signage:

The same system can be used to add in digital LED signage, this currently requires a physical infrastructure onsite.

We are working on technology to replace existing physical LED signage so the broadcast can have different signs to the on-ground content. We will also be able to multi-brand this content.



Broadcast Virtual is proud to have delivered on-air with its partners.