Innovative Solutions

Broadcast Virtual utilise tracking technology and proprietary software to embed client advertising into thousands of live sporting events across the world.

With your message tied to the physical space regardless of camera movement, Broadcast Virtual offers innovative solutions across any sport, including virtual paint, mats, billboards with real-time ball tracking, LED and lines, as well as signage replacement and real-time analytics.

A Global Reach

Virtual advertising supplied at sporting events held in:

Australia; New Zealand; United Kingdom; Ireland; United States of America; South Africa; Singapore; South Korea; Japan; China; Georgia; Denmark; France; Dubai; India; Malaysia and Indonesia.


Multi-Region Expertise

With sporting’s diverse and global audience, you need a global solution for advertising. Broadcast Virtual’s multi-region branding product allows advertisers to cater their message to countries, demographics, and personal interests across live sporting events. Instead of a single traditional feed of advertising, Broadcast Virtual offers unlimited feeds, either on-site at the event, or via downstream distribution. The virtual content is added downstream of the final production cut, which enables the correct sponsor’s messages to be displayed in all replays and highlights across all feeds.

Global Partners


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